Thursday, March 05, 2015

RUN NO. 2428 DIPLO 3MAR2015

RUN NO. 2428
DATE: 3 MAR 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Happy Year of the Sheep....or Ram...or Goat....

The Chinese New Year celebration run, once again, saw us back at Diplo for our weekly frolic through the jungle. Many of the usual suspects and one first time guest were on site for the late afternoon jaunt. Without much info to go on, other than that there was n obscene amount of paper on the trail, I (Mean Machine) sounded the horn to signal the start.  Diplo allows for some good running stretches and the front runners blazed ahead in search of the first check.  The checks were all found quite quickly - I am only sure of Ryvita and Speedy Gonzalez.... Tiffany might have found one, too :) - and with all of them being "on, on, on back", that obscene amount of paper ended up in my hands!

During the first loop of this 2km'ish run (yes there was a group of hardcore hahsers who went in for round two) there was some new jargon being yelled out: "onon shimmie, onon scoot (Tiffany trying to cross the log!), onon squat, onon dodge",  Diplo makes for some interesting calls.

The onon was a feast of many delights. It was prefaced with the usual introductions, entertainment (nice to have Mrs Pingu back for this) and a celebration of Tiffany for her 50th run... YAY!  (I have mentioned Tiffany far too many times..haha) With no hashit to give out, it was onto the CNY portion of the evening. It began with a 'blessing toss to help bring good fortune to those who participated and were able to adeptly maneuvere the chopsticks to keep the food on the plate! The food was scrumptious and included, my personal favourite, "shrinking uterus sou;" - Yummy!!

Next week's run is at DST and it will be a completely different run from two weeks ago. The long run will be a bit over 5km - with only one big'ish hill - and the short run will be .....short.  There is some swampy areas - choose shoes accordingly. No need for long pants or sleeves.

Onon will be 'on site' - be prepared for some deliciousness.
Cheers, Mean Machine, Ryvita, Peachi Keen and Itchy Feet


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