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RUN NO. 2396 SPG 212 RIMBA 22JUL14

RUN NO. 2396
DATE: 22JUL2016

With our GM and one JM out of town plus the other JM homebound with pharyngitis it looked to be a different experience to the usual at a newly opened site.

Off everyone went with no horns but Tiffany leading the pack as "front horn" again.  I missed who found first check but I think it was Readymix. My whole time in the jungle I kept thinking how nice it would be for kids hash.  We saw lots of newly planted baby trees in there, not too many "up's" but some tricky "down's".

Tiffany found the second check on her own as she was way ahead of the rest of the pack. A nice, short trail for the small pack of 17 hens that turned up that day.  Mangoes were harvested from Chi's tree while waiting for the last lady hashers to come out of the jungle and a loud cheer was given when they appeared.

shout up was led by beloved Psycho who has made a special appearance in the past couple of weeks. We downed the hares, no hashit, no new members, no guests.  Chi asked if anyone would feed her pets while she was away and Buttercup responded an affirmative.  Delicious meatballs and tuna sushi for dinner filled our happy bellies *burp".

Next week's run is at good old Diplo! Most likely will be the 1st day of raya so stay safe on the roads and watch those cars overflowing with kids! (They still fascinate me even if I have lived here most of my life - how many kids can you pack in a tiny car?!!)

Hope to see more hens back the following week.... maybe a few of us recovering after hash relay on the Sunday before that.


HARES: Black Beauty/Buttercup

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