Monday, July 14, 2014

RUN NO. 2394 DST 8JUL2014

RUN NO. 2394
DATE: 8 JUL 2014

Not so many ladies at the hash this week. Only 26 hens signed in at DST. Wonder Woman was struggling to find a front runner to take the horn and persuaded ‘virgin’ front horn Chi to take up the challenge. She did a very good job!

We set off passed the security boys, who were foraging for fuel to make a barbecue, and along the long and winding road. First check was called and then found by Trailblazer. The run was a great opportunity to have a good chin wag while we stomped along the road.

Second check was cleverly hidden in the long grass but was found by the Duchess of Cambridge. We then walked further along the road expecting any minute to plunge into the jungle and find loads of mud and swamp but no,, onwards down the road. At one point we remembered that this was where the wasps lurked and decided to quieten down not to disturb them. Luckily there was no attack!

I believe Ready Mix found the third check. Still heading down, down the road we met the front runners coming back. They said we had to continue and read a message which was stuck to a tree. This we did and discovered Possum’s message to return to the bosom of the hash!

A very nice run ladies, everyone in, everyone out, not much mud and it was still light!

Possum served up her famous Hooch, as it was such a warm evening and then Wonder Woman began the shout up thanking the hares, Possum, Sue and Keran for the run and the forthcoming food.

Keran was also down-downed as a returning hasher.

Wonder Woman thanked Chi for an outstanding job as front horn and Alice in Wonderland similarly for back horn.

Legally Blond mentioned it was her 350th run but didn’t want to celebrate at that moment, and Dr Dolittle reminded everyone of her impending leaving party. A reminder about subs was made and Bunny Girl mentioned that the Kid’s Hash would be held at Spg. 588, Jalan Muara.

Possum gave presents to those who found, funnily enough, possums along the way! No Hash Shit this week and only one joke from Ready Mix for Hash Entertainment.

Lovely rotis and curry sauce was served followed by delicious carrot cake.

Another pleasant evening at the Ladies Hash.

Next week’s run will be the usual Diplo run- ups, downs and maybe a bit of water.

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