Monday, June 16, 2014


RUN NO. 2390

Squeak's interpretation of Midsummer Run's theme

Wonder Woman & Velma with their interpretation of "50 Shades of Hashing"

Hares: Trailblazer/WonderWoman/Squeak/Twinkle Toes

Midsummer run came out of nowhere and we are now officially half way through our hash-ing year. The run at Kapok Kanan was an updown Serasa hill run. We went right just be-low the G&T pondok – there was a check but my apologies for not knowing who found it. Up the top and along the ridge – lovely view as always but not liking the “progress” they have made on PMB. And back down we go, myself chatting to Paula about Mulu. Just close to the out I had a big pin-prick to my thigh and back at camp learnt that I was not the only one – little wasps maybe; most had a bite each and Trailblazer was kind to dispense her ointment to everyone. Mandi, over with we headed to Dr. Dolittle’s house for “50 Shades of Hashing” – Thank you JMs and Committee for our lovely gifts of tshirts and windscreen shades. Well done to the Committee on the entertainment with very amusing lyrics - credits to Madam Sin. Delicious Afghan food was served (more garlic anyone?) and as a treat there was also some token exchanging – I love special runs! Oh and I got the hashshit with Paula for leaving my pouch onsite (Thanks again Sticky) and Paula for forgetting to sign-in!

Hash Shit!
And this week is a special run for me. It’s the last run I’m laying before the move. My co-hare is Ryvita who I have enjoyed running with (me always trying to catch up!) and also co-hared with. Our site is Diplo where I had my first run – and Squeek too. We did our first three runs together and became members on the same night – that infamous one at Mor-ley Movers!!
Don't want to bore everyone with my reminiscing so here's my summary of hashing:
Things I learned on the hash
  • how to use a parang
  • how to crush a can (thanks Smurf)
  • how to take a proper down-down (thanks Alison
  • how to handle a bucket of water with price
  • how to re-leg Cambodia
Things I will miss about the hash
  • The Bruneian jungle
  • all of you
  • the Adds (from the bottom!)
  • fact that Tuesday will be just another weeknight
  • my outdoor showers
  • the "satu lagis"
Top memorable moments
  • Laying my first run at Kapok Kanan with Smurf and Madam Sin. At the top we bumped into a group of Bomba who had come to rescue a group of Koreans one of whom had lost his glasses!
  • My relief driver ramming into PeeWee's Swifty at DST
  • Leaving my bra on Madam Sin's car window which went all the way to school the next morning!
On on Hens ...- and never turn down that satu lagi!
This week's run:
My ideal hash involving everything - there might even be a bit of emotion thrown in!
Walkie-talkies if you go in late please go as far as first check only. And walkie-talkies may need torches, more walking, less talking!

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