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RUN NO. 2388 DST 27MAY2014

RUN NO. 2388
DATE: 27 MAY 2014

***We went recce at Mata2 site on the faithful morning of Tuesday (H3 hashing day). Not a good idea indeed, all of us were in fact extremely exhausted due to progressing morning heat. The trail was purposively and moderately short end up near 9km. Nonetheless, we still arrived at DST site faithfully. I promised Hash Shop to mind her shop for a couple of weeks, so I stayed on to arrange the store and at the same time taking care of the site (there were other non-hashers ‘Men’ – with a red tent near by); Velma went off to take a walk while ‘Jenny from the block’ took off to do the full run (despite the hectic recce the morning before, good on her). This run report would not be possibility complete if not for ‘Squeek’ who graciously agreed to write the below (indeed we are grateful).***….

### On arriving at the DST site ready for hash, we were a small but stalwart group of hens this week. I think a lot of people took advantage of the international school’s mid-term break to go away for a holiday. Once the horn went off, we took off straight down the barricaded road along a slightly sloped trail to a T-section with the first check to the right.

From there we could have continued right and then looped around to a couple of streams, or we could have backtracked to the wide open barren space on the left and then quickly home, or gone into the thorny scrubby regrowth on the other side of the T intersection. However, none of these were the correct way – Peewee looked to the left hand side of the intersection and there found the onon paper. Once again we were off and the road quickly turned into a narrower trail.

Next the paper took a sharp left and into the promised scratchy bracken and cutty grass. However the hares had done such a good job of trampling the path my long sleeves were untested by the surroundings. Then the SWAMP – sloppy, muddy and deeeeeeeppppp! The check went right on the fire trail so the hens had to flail about in the marsh until Zoe called the onon paper.

From there it was a straight run down the trail and through a couple more swamps then back onto the road for a quick run up to the tent.####

***AT the ‘Shout out’:- Down down was given to the young and youthful Hares (Senior hares as consultants were also there); then thanks were given to Front Horn – Ryvita and Back Horn – Wonder Woman. There been no ‘First Time Guest’, No new member, No announcement, No joke and all behaved well to have No Hashit as well. Alice in wonderland jumped in to inform that for this week run all hashers are advised to park sensibly, a H3 sign will be prop up at the turn in point to guide all to park on the other side of the lot just to prevent everyone’s car from unnecessary knock over by heavy duty vehicles around the work site road. The evening was grace by Hares who served us delicious ‘Laksa’ with either ‘Bee Hoon’ or ‘Egg noodels’ to choose. We are all filled and happy, such is life of Ladies H3 every Tuesday evenings. On on.

NEXT RUN: MATA-MATA - Please park sensibly on one side of the road

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