Monday, May 05, 2014

RUN NO. 2384 DADAP 29APR14

RUN NO. 2384
DATE: 29 APR 2014
HARES: Zur/Never Wrong/Jacyn

Dadap along Jln Tutong, always fun with loads of bamboo forestry,
waterfalls and some hills. Unfortunately the hares for this week were
otherwise busy and unable to attend, so based on stories here we go:
Dadap hash signs were found and all hens found their way to the meetup
place just to enter the trail via the out, apparently a lot of old
paper and trash was laying around which send our hens on the wrong end
of the trail....first check came rather late.

A lovely trail with some hills and a bit of water with beautiful
waterfalls and bamboo forestry (see pictures on Facebook) made all
hens come out of the jungle in cheerful mood.

On it was to Never Wrongs house in Benkurong, were we all were for
last years founders day. Sticky Rice got onto a wrong trail and lost
her way out towards Kuala Lura border, one could wonder if that was
the wrong or the intended trail to follow. Luckily she was saved by
our own Trailblazer who left the hens without plates, making sure they
wouldn't start dinner without her, to safely bring back Sticky Rice.
Without the signin sheets present a research is to be made whether
Ryvita signed out her be continued next hash with a
possible HashIt!.

For this weeks run, the hares have stumbled upon a wrong trail and
took 3 hours to return to their car. A new trail was forced upon the
jungle but not to worry we won't be taking you all the way there.
A nice running trail coming up on Mentiri Pools, park safely! On-On to
be followed at Speedy Conzales's house, see you all there.


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