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RUN NO. 2367
DATE: 31 DEC 2013
HARES: Squeak/Twinkle Toes/Never Wrong
FRONT HORN: Trailblazer  BACK HORN: Alice in Wonderland

Arrived a little late and saw some hens already getting cozy after a nice walk. Up the concrete path I went, running into Glamour and her two walking sticks *huff puff* concrete stairs are a bit tough then another long path before finally entering the jungle.

Lovely sheltered track to follow. After a while I thought I caught a bit of chatter and the back horn but my calls were not responded to. Hallucinating already? Surely not. And so I went on...lovely little stream....where's the paper?....oh there we are.....ahh what's this....Great! Only way through is squelch through the mud. Lovely! And on I go, a bit slippy and up, up, up, down, up, up.....did I miss first check? 15 minutes gone, think I'm still ok so kept going...on up! Ok with all this "up" and a bench there must be a gorgeous view to take in and there it was! Muara port and Pulau Muara Besar!

Think I hear the prayers, better keep moving. Oh! I've caught up with some hashers, taking a break, drinking in more of the lovely view. "Another Road Runner" they said. Took a short break and went back through foliage downhill. Uh oh, rain...coming down heavier. Luckily jungle provided some shelter.

Some steps, a bridge, more steps...lots of chances to go slip slide down the muddy track but I managed to stay upright. Finally! A concrete path! After a while I realized a wet concrete path is worse than a muddy one so walked at the side for some traction. The road! I'm out! Yay! Managed to finish the whole route. Must reward myself with some green or blue once I sign out.

Great run hares. Another new site conquered (for me) and a very enjoyable one. Domestic Goddess was first one out for the first time! Well done! Thanks to front horn, Trailblazer and back horn, Alice in Wonderland.

No guests or newbies at shout out. Couple of announcements and that's it for the year! Alice (Made by Jenni of the block - ed) fed us some delicious pizza and everyone was soon on their way as it started getting dark. Some took up Dr Dolittle's generous invitation to usher in the new year at hers with a live band. Hope everyone had a good night.

Happy New Year ladies! On on!!

Jessie - Trainee Hare

NEXT RUN: Diplo ----note----Change of venue - Bring a chair if you have one
HARES: Squeak/Twinkle Toes/Psycho/Ika/Jessie

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