Thursday, May 30, 2013

RUN NO. 2336 MATA-MATA 21 MAY 2013

RUN NO. 2336
DATE: 21 MAY 2013

Being that this weeks run was at Mata Mata I knew I had to get going to get there in time.
It's a long way from Tanah Jambu.

Before we could head off on our run we spent an exiting couple of minutes with hashers looking here,
there and everywhere for the on-paper as we couldn't find it anywhere.

Then all of a sudden we see Glamour and think "aha that's where we should be looking"
but Glamour was on the blue Hetro paper....... In the end Cheryl phoned Possum and we were finally off and on our way, slightly later than the normal 1715.

We ran and ran and ran and it seemed forever before first check, but we found the on pretty quickly
and continue on. The jungle trails were as good as they always are in this area and mixing it up with the fire trails there was no stopping the front runners.

All the checks were found with no drama but the trails just seemed to go on and on,
and i was feeling a bit woozy.

All of a sudden we reach the mark of the two runs splitting and so we commit to continue running another for another 3.7 km..............really??? Hmmm, half way down the hill Speedy Gonzales and myself have a re-think and decide to turn back to Possums waiting bus with refreshments.
Good decision!!!!!! And so thought most of the hens bar a fair few brave ladies who soldiered on and ran back to the tent - well done!!!

We were greeted with Sue's Special Punch which always tastes SO GOOD!
(And you can make it yourself  as it's in the "Hash Nosh" 2012.)

It was nice to see Bunny Girl, Legally Blonde and Annabel back and we also welcomed two new guests; Lara from Canada and Rhiannon from Scotland. Hash Whit entertained us on her normal excellent form and will sadly be missed when she leaves this summer. Mother Nurture is also leaving us shortly and pleaded for someone to please take over her "light duties".

IKEA was enjoying herself in Bali so I kept it short and sweet so that we all could enjoy Sue's and Possums lovely Chili with corn on the cob and salad on the side - Yummy!!!!
Thank you ladies!

Next weeks run is a run that everyone can do.
It's not short, it's not long it's just an average run in the Orchard!


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