Saturday, May 04, 2013

RUN NO. 2332 SUBOK 527 -30APR2013

RUN NO. 2332
DATE: 30 APR 2013

Subok 527 they said. Well we all knew what that meant. There would be an up. A big up. Hash words arrived by email the day before and. it was with trepidation that we read, "Bring a torch". This was followed with, "Bring a chair and "Bring an umbrella". Who knew what to expect.

Two runs were provided. Blue paper and white paper. What did they have in common you ask? The same steep ascent at the beginning. It sounds so innocuous put that way. A more accurate description however might be, and here I quote a hasher who completed the course, vertical roller coaster.

White paper swung down behind the pondok leading to a steep, scrabbly, slippery and trippy trail into the remote and little explored waterways behind the Markucing Bukit. There were three checks, two of which were found by Ikea, showing her leadership prowess as JM. Speedy Gonzalez, not to be outdone, found third check on the steep winding path going up to the water tank ridge,

Turning right off the main ridge into a parallel path which met the bracken trail, we headed back to the Markucing track. On-on-up-down and out.

All present were given a lovely shoe holder by the week's major milestone makers: Domestic Godess, Mrs Pingu, Ryvita and Satu Lagi.

Then it was on to the shout up. Thanks were given to the hares: Satu Lagi, Mrs Pingu, Ryvita and Domestic Goddess. Trailblazer was back horn and Dizzy front horn. Melanie from Canada with the military husband was the only guest. Hash ranks were increased with a new member and Black Beauty was welcomed as a returner.

A spectacular number of awards were distributed. Hashers involved had celebrated a total of 1600 runs shared amongst Jenny from the Block, Domestic Goddess,Mrs Pingu, Ryvita, Satu Lagi and Speedy Gonzalez.

An eclectic collection of announcements. Alice in Wonderland asked for donations of pencils erasers and sharpeners for Cambodia. Pyscho provided a rabbit update letting us know that all are fine. Finally a plea was put out for recipes to go in the words.

Then it was time for perhaps the most important notice of them all.
Hash rules before the run:
  • Park responsibly.
  • Introduce guests and sign them in.
  • Listen for special instructions before the run.
  • Follow correct paper.
  • Take torch and water.
  • If you arrive more than 5 mins late turn, back at first check unless you have caught up with the others.

Then we moved on to the light relief. Hash Wit produced her devastating one liners on a range of subjects from work to parachutes, boyfriends etc. no wonder she is such a hot favorite.

Again there was no successful call for the hashit and so we quickly moved on to devour the delicious laksa. Thanks hares.


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