Monday, May 21, 2012


RUN NO. 2282
DATE: 15 MAY 2012
HARES: MadMarg/Eastern Promise
FRONT HORN: Mrs Pingu  BACK HORN: Squeak

The run was crazy man…found, lost, found, found, lost, found!!

Well what an exciting run that was…we arrived after searching for the Hash sign…some met in the middle of the road and had debates about where? When? how? We took off up a steep run, and off into the lovely Brunei jungle….soon the pack merged and the sounds of “checking” chorused out into the afternoon breezes. Could we find that b…. check? We hunted, we searched, we swore, we analysed, we held long confabs out of that dirty moonscape of mud…20 plus minutes later after Gi Jane, Sid and Squeak had already crossed the little river and bridge and had a good reccy, and then Satu Lagi found the on on paper to the left of the normal trail and we all took off! Past a new iban camp and some poor guys cooking their tea, then onto the road for a little road run and then back up into the forest for another long up…Second check found quickly and third check had them down in the creek and hunting again! Considerable chatter and dissection of run, as appropriate on the signout board… Sneaky laying girls!

Everyone out, great run. On on and Bollywood theme at Glamours for her 79th birthday.

Thank you’s to front horn Mrs Pingu, Squeak back horn.

First time guest Wilma, Scots via NZ. She even wore Indian clobber!

Notices from GI Jane (Music society do on Friday night) Lovely joke by Briony. Then the highlight, was a well taken heckled chapatti demo by Gopah using atta flour. Thanks to Sheila (Glamour’s daughter) and Glamour for the fine Indian food and posh setting.

Gals looked great in their fine clothes.. Glamour promised a big party for her 80 next year…watch this space!
HARES: GI Jane/Gung Ho/Sid

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