Monday, May 14, 2012


RUN NO. 2281
DATE: 8 MAY 2012

 It is usually raining when we hash here, so maybe tonight we will be lucky and it will stay dry! 
I arrived to the hash and unloaded the hash shop etc. I  then parked my car; I thought I had a good parking space but Smurf suggested that I move my car, which I did. The horn was sounded and off the ladies went. I was a bit late going in, so teamed up with Sally to walk the hash tonight. Sally was recovering from her half marathon in Kota Kinabalu at the weekend in which she came 3rd and Marcela 9th in the 10km with Kathryn 8th. Well-done ladies. Back to the run. We followed paper that lead us to the steps heading up the hill, and then we got on a nice short trail before we had another hill to tackle which was a bit slippery going up.  We were on a good trail that lead us down the hill through the orchard, and then back in to the jungle were the trail took us in a loop around the outskirts of the dam. When we reached to the edge of the water, Melissa was rowing
back in the boat to take the next lot of ladies across the water though a few ladies decided to swim!  I thought about it and so did Maria but not for long; in the end we decided to stay dry while Claire just jumped into the water and swam across followed by Anna. Once we were back in the jungle again following the paper trail, we soon reached a down slope were we had rope to assist us. Then we were out on to the muddy area and back to the site. There were  plenty of mosquitoes out tonight; so pleased I wore long sleeve top!
It was a great run/walk
At the shout up there were three new guests: Yara from Russia, Rachel, Nicky from UK. No calls for the hashit this week…
Congratulations to Possum in completing 250 walks.
The rain held off until the end of the shout up and poured down in true Morley Movers hash site style!!

NEXT RUN: SPG 462 JLN MUARA, SG HANCHING on on at Glamours' House

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