Friday, October 29, 2010

RUN NO. 2201 - 26OCT2010 - DIPLO

RUN NO. 2201
DATE: 26 OCT 2010
HARES: Squeek/Alice in Wonderland

It was a suitable night for a Halloween run, dark, gloomy, forbidding. A lowly, threatening sky and rumble of thunder in the distance. A few less than the usual gathering of hens set off, torches at the ready at 6.15pm with the promise of a flat run and only one hill. Haha we said, it is Diplo. How can one lay a run in Diplo with no hills.

Well we headed off down one of the Diplo intrails and did a sharpish left turn on a pleasantly trippy path, greeted by headstones and other macabre reminders that this was indeed nearly All Hallows Eve, a night for spirits both good and bad to pass through to our world for a brief moment and mingle with us in dark and frightening sights and sounds.

Gladdened by our little circle of light we wound our way along a series of paths, ever wary of lurking ghouls. A frightening scream gave a hint of what lay ahead. It was only a march of bull ants, each the size of a wee hashers little finger no less. Emboldened by fellow hashers the hapless victim was urged across the log, and we were on our way again. Dark, small paths, scary drop-offs into darkling waters. On, on we trudged wishing for hearth and home (or tent and Tigers.) However the path did in fact prove to be delightfully flat, however meandering it wandered. A miracle not to be denied on this most trying of nights.

A halt in the procession of strangely hushed hashers proved to be Velma’s throwing away of her camera in a wild sweep of arm and an ominous splash as it surely sank into the darkest of murk. A futile fumble in the gloom did not produce it and luckless Velma joined the throng lamenting her loss.

After 55 minutes we came to a recognizable spot and gasped our delight and being on the homeward leg. But more screams were ahead, and we were greeted by ghouls and their assistants with water bombs who took fiendish delight in squirting us and making us take fright and made us scream some more, which made those at the back who did not know what was happening scream in sympathy. ! Whew. We were past and on and out. A few mutters were to be heard in the ranks of no hills promised as we trudged up what could only have been a flat path that sloped uphill!! Would the hares be given the 'you know what' for lying? That is still to be decided as the decision was postponed to next week due to the lateness of the hour and hungry hens wanting to get on to celebrate their release from yet another night in darkest Diplo.

Our favourite tent welcomed us. Before Witches and wizards joined us, as we approached the tent we were greeted by Nurse Hot Lips dressing Call Girls wound. Apparently she had stepped into the drain before the run but managed to go round and was having a final dressing after the run - very courageous indeed - another casualty of the Diplo kind. We even had a Chinese Empress dowager, complete with pumpkin hat and stubby holder. Our shout up was delayed as a couple of hashers liked it in the jungle so much they delayed coming out. At last the shout up started.

Guests were welcomed and our JMs honoured two hashers with handles. The mighty Mani is now to be known as Minnie Mouse, no, the mighty Minnie is now to be known as Mani Mouse !! And Ice Queen Kelly is now to be known by her favourite and much desired tipple Strongbow.

And so another Halloween passed in the abode.

Thank you Committee for a scrumptious supper, which varied from soup and bread, vegetable curry and rice, pastas galore, noodles, dips and yummy biscuits.

P.S. Smurf, having taken last weeks advice and had her gingko and Omega 3s found her keys. We won’t ask her where she found them will we! And Luckless Velma had her luck changed by her camera’s retrieval the next morning by “lady hasher” of the day, Cannibal.

Alls well that ends well.


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