Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RUN NO. 2199 - 12 OCT - DIPLO

RUN NO. 2199
HARES: Sarong/Trailblazer/Dizzy -- surprise appearance
FRONT HORN: Ruthless Pursuit

The appointment at RIPAS over and feeling in the pink I made it to the Diplo site with time to spare. A rather aggressive horn blower set the run off early and we made our way around and about searching for paper before heading down into the valley and the large log over the creek. We turned left and went up a real tumour of a hill that seemed to go on without end. Thankfully it leveled off after a while and we could catch our breath.

We could hear checking in the distance. I asked for a second opinion and this confirmed that the on on paper was being called down in the valley. We lost the height we had gained and crossed the stream at the bottom of the hill. We set off on the right and passed a couple of well known land marks; the tree with the odd growth and a large hole below the roots and later on, over to the left, back horn bridge. Would we go around or up the hill at this point? On up of course. Reaching the ridge we turned left and at some point passed the strap.

Carrying on we looked as if we would turn down to more water but we continued on the ridge for quite some time. We had time to chat and plan our social time. When we came off the ridge we had a rather awkward creek crossing and Velma slipped on the log. Hash nurse was on hand to complete a diagnosis. Velma was symptom free and we all continued on our way. A couple of turns and a trot uphill and we were into stage 3 of the hash, the out trail along Bill’s ridge. I can report that “fast” Clare found checks 1 and 3 and Satu Lagi the 2nd check. Many thanks to Sarong for giving us the chance to get the hash right the second time around!

At the shout up we welcomed back a returning hasher, Jenny, who has been in Oz. Elaine brought 2 first time guests, Caroline from UK and Christie from Canada. We hope to see them both again. Diva introduced us to the JM’s justice for talkers during the shout up. Be warned. The jester’s hat was passed to Speedo who explained how man was created from a useless tit. Alice in Wonderland told us how to grow wonderful vegetables. Hash members were encouraged to sign up for next year’s committee and there was a discussion about the date for our founder’s day celebrations. Email Diva with your opinion.

The Halloween run on 26th Oct will start at 6pm. Start preparing your costumes – black and white theme. Wina hobbled to the front to tell us about her successful sponsored walk and it was time for the hash hit to be passed on. Smurf claimed it this week for not signing out – she had been too busy. Dizzy showered her and half the hash with water and we moved on to enjoy the food that everyone had brought to share. Another great evening under the stars. On On GI Jane



HARES: Jane/Speedo/Tango

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