Monday, April 10, 2017

RUN NO. 2536 DIPLO 28 MAR 2017

RUN NO. 2536
DATE: 28 MAR 2017

A larger than expected crowd for the school holidays! Psycho called the hens to order with a sweet message from the hares, Short run.. SO short that there was no check! Groans and whines from a few *cough* Mean Machine *cough* (Welcome back!).

Then it was into the jungle through relay hill and coming quickly into sight of the party ground. Following the river, turning back round to be greeted by butterfly tree, Bill’s ridge and out! In and out of the jungle by 6 for most despite a number of hens going back in for round 2.

Under the tent with rain threatening to pour We thanked the hens for the run and the homemade Laksa speciality of Sweet F.A. We welcomed 2 first time guests. Auntie Lesley who is in Brunei for the nuptials of Rush Hour & Making Bacon. Alexis who is a trumpugee and is in Brunei as a teacher. We welcomed back Mean Machine as a returning hasher. Here for a holiday. Missing the jungle. Buttwhat celebrated 50runs with a potty. March babies celebrated with a cake to share. Next week run is red dress run. Wear red. Wear a dress. Give us your money. Raffles for sale.


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