Monday, November 21, 2016


RUN NO. 2517
DATE: 15 NOV 2016


JMs and GMs in action

Mrs Pingu & Wonder Woman

Licker & Lickety Quick

Dizzy and Pee Wee

The highlight of  hashing in the  H3 Hashing calendar which is eagerly anticipated by all members and this year it is extra special for we are celebrating 2 special occasions, i.e. Founder’s Day and 50th years of  hashing in Brunei.

Some hardworking members must have come early to OnOn site to decorate and to prepare audio / visual equipment, for when we arrived, all those things were in place.

As we signed in we were given our Founders Day pack consisting of a bag and a t-shirt. Bag would be handy for putting all our hash gears when coming to hash every Tuesday!

Just before the run, JM Peewee announced that it will be a short, lollipop run with no checks. We were advised to follow paper and not go on up to top of hill as some of us did at last run here in Sleazy Garden! Front horn  Ryvita  was not present at start of run  and back horn was Janine. As usual, at 5.15 pm, the front runners sprinted out of gate. Don't know if Janine ever had the opportunity to sound the horn in the jungle  but she  did toot it accidentally whilst still on the road!

This time all hashers did as instructed; up and down tarred road; turned left onto dirt road , a little climb and then right onto dirt road gone muddy before slipping into jungly bit; crossed 2 streams or was it the same stream crossed at different point; then onto dirt road again then left down hill on way out. Nothing spectacular but we did get our shoes wet and muddy. Some front runners decided to do another round by going in the Out trail.

Back at OnOn site some members were already in the pool, imbibing on their favourites colours thanks to 2 free tokens. At some point in time, the hens drifted off to change into  their 60s costume and when they emerged.. Oh My... I have never seen so many hippies in one place and costumes in myraid of  colours and glitters; some were transformed and needed second and third look to ascertained  as to who they were!! It was like going back in time!

The shout out proceeding got under way with the usual thanking of hares and down-down. 2 returning hens [Gina-Senior avid hasher] and Dizzy (both had served as JMs of H3 before) coming here for the 50th anniversary celebration were also down-downed and welcomed. Jms announced there will be a part 2 to the proceeding after makan which was delicious curry.

 Then it was Shout Up part 2 starting with giving out of special  “prizes” to hares where an event / incidents occurred in their runs; the shiggiest, wettest, longest,shortest, most hashits, haring the most runs and so on. Then it was time to thank  2016 Hash Committee and introducing 2017 Hash Committee and no doubt the one that garnered the most interest was: who are the new JMs and  GM?!. … When JM Smurf  asked “ Will the new JMs please stand up” …. up jumped Psycho and Ripper! And the  new GM, Hash Hound  swaggered her way up to join the gathered  2017 Hash Committee!

We were entertained by 4 moustachiod ladies dancing and singing tributes to 2 dispensers of drinks in the hash --- Mrs. Barman (H3) and Mr. Moonshine (H4)

The merry making continued with more music and dancing: the hardcores danced on way past their bedtime!!

This is not the end to the merry- making though for on  Saturday, November 19, we will be at Serasa Yacht Club where hashers from other Brunei Hash Chapters and guests will join us to help  celebrate 50th Anniversary.  Can’t wait to get our feet over there!

Next  run is at Salambigar Waterfall on Mentiri Highway. OnOn will be at JennyOnTheBlock's 

P/S Please bring your chair and park sensibly; follow direction (by JOTB).

AIW, JOTB, Hornbill.

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