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RUN NO. 2512 DIPLO 11 OCT 2016

RUN NO. 2512
DATE: 11 OCT 2016

The day all the hens were excitedly looking forward to had arrived. A nice jungle walk and "refreshments" is usually a good enough incentive but when you throw cake in the mix there is a surge in the usual attendance! All proceeds go to the Macmillan charity which the hens were more than happy to contribute to. As Kat and I approached the site, I saw a few hens making their way down the road already as I was running a little late. Few minutes were added on as we signed in and registered our cakes and gasped at the number of entries!

Knowing that the run was laid by veteran hashers to Diplo we knew we were in for a nice one. I was spurred ahead by Kat as we were already late but the slippy ground made me hesitant to go too fast. We bumped into Alison who told us to take a right at the sign if we wanted to do the whole trail as it was a lollipop so we did and saw the sign to take a short cut out but chose to do the whole trail as thought it would be short. We caught up with Rachel F, Tiger Moth and Where's Wally when they were across the stream at first check and there was a small confusion about the paper as one bit looked like an arrow but managed to go ahead.  Lots of mud, stream crossings, hills, obstacles of fallen trees, some scary cliff like paths, trippy roots, triangles/pink dipped paper (good idea) later, we passed second check and then third as darkness descended (its that time of the year!). I am informed that back horn found on on paper before front horn at the second check but not sure who else found the others. Heard they were sneaky though! We all got out safe and sound in the end. Thank you to front horn Yogi Beer and back horn Trailblazer.

Hens got changed and settled, gathering excitedly for the shout up (to be over) and dessert! They also got a chance to play and win (I won 6 prizes!!!) at the tombola and guess the number of spots on the cake. We welcomed 3 first time guests brought by Tracy, Rush Hour and Sarah/Sally/Sue/Samantha/Susan, welcomed back Downward Dog and celebrated Rachael Tan's 50 runs! Psycho announced upcoming Halloween run in 2 weeks at her crib, someone left their hash shoes at Survivor Run last Sunday (great turn out by H3), Lickity Quick needs some help for a project she's doing which requires her to write a report about a business and includes financial records (which can be changed). Ladies were reminded that Founders Day is coming up next month and 50 years of hashing the Saturday night following. As H3 is currently at about 75 members, it is encouraged that members who wish to bring guests do book their spots early as they are limited. Forms will be released next week. You have until then to check if your husbands, boyfriends, scandals, girlfriends, etc are available and children (if any) are taken care of for the night!

The winner of the "guess the number of spots on the cake" went to Squeak with a consolation prize for Sarah/Sally/Sue/Samantha/Susan (we need to give her a proper hash name soon). Then cake winners were announced starting from 2nd runner up Rachael Tan, 1st runner up Readymix and the winner Yogi Beer! Special mention needs to be given to Smurf's "sponge cake" with the hard sell reviews attached. Priority to buying cake went to those who had brought a cake as they got a free slice...I forgot about the special coffee but someone kindly gave me theirs. A cake feast indeed as we staggered home with happy bellies. Most of us  left by 8:30pm leaving the hard cores to their usual fun.

Next week's run is a site we haven't been to for a while, Spg 355-86 off Jalan Tungku. For those who have been before, you need to go through a funny triangle roundabout (ironic) to get in. Look out for the signs at the "roundabout" and the simpang to lead you to the site. Word Bird assures me she has the right map! On on

And here is the tiramisu recipe....(don't say its from me)

Separate 2 eggs and beat egg whites until stiff. Add 4 tablespoons of caster sugar to the egg yolks and beat until thick and fluffy. Add 250g of marscarpone to egg yolk mixture and beat until smooth. Fold egg whites into the yolk mixture until well incorporated.

Prepare coffee of choice (I wing it with my nespresso and just keep making black coffee and using it. Add alcohol if you wish) and dip sponge fingers into the coffee before arranging them in container of choice. Top with some of the custard mix then put on another layer of sponge fingers. Do 2 or 3 layers to your preference or container height making sure the custard mix is on top. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and leave to set in fridge for at least 3 hours.


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