Thursday, February 05, 2015


RUN NO. 2424
DATE: 3 FEB 2015

After a grueling work out session on Monday night that left my quads aching, I was dreading the run at the Mentiri (killer) hills. As usual I was late, and I saw Hornbill at the sign-in board who pointed at the “out” route which was much nearer than the “in” so I decided to go the other way around until I hit back horn to turn back. She warned me about the nasty hill up but I decided to try it anyway. Halfway through the run, after passing most of the hashers, I was told most of the run was flat-ish so decided to try and finish it. Fear of being stuck alone in a dark jungle kept me running. So glad for a dry hash for a change! I was told Ryvita and her guest, Anika (?) found the checks and that the first one was particularly sneaky. They were certainly well laid through so late comers like me were not lost. Thank you!

On On was at our lovely GM’s house where I was hoping to see the big elephant she’s working on but I think it’s in her studio at school. One of our JM’s was sporting a new haircut and the hens were a chatty bunch that night. There was lots to go through! We had one FTG, Sarah from Japan who was brought by Peachi Keen. Lovely to see two returning hashers, Doris and Izzie who dragged each other back. Bunny Girl celebrated 250 runs and shared the history of how she got her hash handle. Sid was renamed Goodnight Kiwi. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Ironwoman who is moving to a Singapore (so she may be able to come back for some runs).

Quite a few announcements too! JM’s reminded all upcoming hares that organize runs with on-on at a different site should ensure the address of the on-on goes on Henswords. Cheryl announced that the Seranai (sp) singers are performing some jazzy tunes on 6th and 7th of March. Wonderwoman brought some bags from the Philippines for sale and the Hash Shop is having a sale throughout the month of February to clear stock!

There was a flutter of confusion for the most fun bit as Paula was supposed to get hashit for not signing out. However, she stated that she had signed in and out as a guest as she had not paid her subs. Ironwoman had been a bit too clever and ticked Paula’s name on the list to sign her in…both Paula and Ironwoman escaped hashit but hashit was given to Peachi Keen! Are you lost? I am too! LOL!

We were served hot dogs and bread accompanied by fried onions by the hares. Yum Yum!

Sorry for being so long winded!

Next week’s run is at Diplo! First run at Diplo for 2015 and it’s Valentine’s Run. Wear red or pink or hearts if you fancy. Lots of fun and games planned so do come and bring guests too!

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