Monday, August 18, 2014

RUN NO. 2399 SPG 462 12AUG14

RUN NO. 2399
DATE: 12AUG2014

First hash back after the holidays and late as usual, the traffic on Jln Muara from the roundabout to the Simpang seemed to be busier than ever. I felt a bit comforted when I saw others going in late but still had to make the decision of whether to go all the way round or just to first check.  
The words said it was a lollip so I joined Ripper and in we ran with the pre-conceived idea that the checks would most likely be laid through and we could go round quickly.  The rain kept us cool which was what I needed after 5 weeks in the UK and we soon came to the first set of yellow paper where yes.. the first check was laid through.  
Still no sign of any other hashers so we went on and on, in and up and down; we ran until we came to the second check (we knew this because there was another set of yellow paper), it was already getting dark and so we followed what we thought was the on-paper. 
Next we heard some other hashers..pleased to have finally caught up, we called back, to be told by Ready Mix…’I think we are on old paper’.  Getting darker by the minute, we went back to the second check and we followed the alternative trail, only to find a lovely set of freshly laid white paper waiting patiently on the floor to be found.  
By now there was a core group of us…Ready Mix, Trailblazer, Ripper, Never Wrong, Rosalind (who was later welcomed as a new member), CJ ( Back horn) and yours truly so we stuck together and laid the paper through.  The rain was making it quite dark and by the time we reached third check it was late already. 
Still, with nearly two weeks since the first day of Raya, there was some natural light as well as a handful of torches, where we had to guess which of the many trails would lead to the out trail.  2nd try lucky, and we were on the on-paper, bringing us to the familiar housing and the start of the lollipop.

Back at the On-On Site, I am sure the hares were relieved to see and hear us singing up the road, with only our group being successful in completing the hash properly.  Hash Hound and the rest of the coup had been led out on old paper to an alternative Simpang.  
The shout up was light hearted and there were several calls for hashit – could we give Alice in Wonderland who had signed in and out under the wrong name, crossed it through and reticked herself? Could we give it to Hash Hound as front horn for leading the coup on to old paper? Could we give it to all the hashers that insisted the old paper was the correct paper?  We must have been feeling all warm and fuzzy as no-one was given the hash it but Possum claimed the empty bucket and chuck for next week – so beware! 
Shout up was followed up with scrummy pasta and garlic bread – just the carbo loading needed after a dark wet run – thank you ladies.
Notices given included – advertising the Kids Hash at Diplo 24th August and next weeks run – wear a sarong - to celebrate ladies hash' 2400 runs.
Mrs Pingu
HARES: RIPPER/WONDERWOMAN/PSYCHO --- celebration run--- LADIES 2400 RUNS----
Don't Forget your SARONGS!

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