Sunday, March 23, 2014

RUN NO. 2378 DIPLO 18MAR14

RUN NO. 2378
DATE: 18 MAR 2014

Only the non-holidaymakers turned up for Tuesday’s hash at our favourite Hash sight, Diplo.

It was blooming hot even before we set off into the jungle!

Front Horn Jeannie led us off into the yucky swamp and then onto a well-worn path down to the valley of stinky mud and boot swallowing sand. Back Horn Squeak, able assisted by the lovely Spot found not only the first check but also the second. Well done Spot!

The trail then went up a gigantic mountain. This is where Alison and I found a hasher in distress and thought it our duty to short cut out and save her from goodness knows what! The rest of the hash went further into Diplo, along a bit, down a bit and then up a bit again, (according to Zur!)

On our way along Bill’s Ridge, on the lookout for beer cans, we found at least seven pictures of beer cans. Being decent sorts we only picked up cans for ourselves (he he!) and left the rest for the runners. Psycho later explained the hares had forgotten to plant the beers in the jungle and Hash Hound had run back in to complete the task.

At the shout up we thanked Psycho, Chihiro, Jances, Hash Hound and Adiba for a splendid run. We had a visitor, Julie, from England and Ika celebrated 50 runs. We welcomed a new member, Adiba. Katie (Black Beauty) also got her award for 450 runs.

Those who found the beers in the jungle were given a token for a real beer, thank you very much!

There was no entertainment, no hash shit. Next week’s run is back at Diplo. A bit of everything as usual, ups, downs, water, etc.

Then it was time for grub. The hens brought ‘a plate’, luckily with food on it!

There was a great mixture of sweet and savory items for our delight. So we sat as usual in the dark, eating, drinking and catching up with friends. On on.

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