Monday, April 08, 2013

RUN NO. 2328 DIPLO - 2APR2013

RUN NO. 2328
DATE: 2 APR 2013
HARES: Madam Sin/Hot Lips

It was good to get the crowds back together after staggered CFBT and ISB/JIS holidays have meant that many of us had been away and feeling a bit out of condition.  Good old Diplo, never lets you down – you can always guarantee a hill or two and getting your feet wet.  Well done to Madam Sin for laying the run with her broken ribs and Hot Lips with flu – Words mentioned an hour’s run…hour for who were the questions murmered at the start of the all went in, in anticipation.

Good trails leading us up and down, in and around, through the familiar jungle area of Diplo.  Some clever checks laid, but not too clever for the likes of Hannah and Speedy Gonzales.  We knew we were near the out trail, once we passed the small concrete post in the floor and front runners were out in half an hour with nearly everyone out by 6 o’clock – all that is except for Rachel and her guest.

Where had they gone? Still on paper but not our paper, they soon realized and turned around in time for the shout up around 7. Reachable by phone meant than no one needed to go and after them. Phew.  Wendy’s turn to get wet this week…a reward for bring new guests…a bucket of water thrown..although not with a particularly good aim.  Remember hashers..IF YOU ARE BRINGING A GUEST YOU MUST INTRODUCE THEM TO THE JM OR GM. Thank you ladies for the finger food afterwards and thanks Dad for the supply of British jokes to keep the hens entertained week by week.

This weeks laid by some of the front runners in memory of one of our dear front runners – Road Runner (Lee Jefford). A not so long run is promised with Jln Maura being chosen because this area was one of Road Runners old jogging grounds.  If you know of any ex ladies hashers who would like to join the run this week, please invite them.

HARES: Speedy Gonzales/Hash Hound/Mrs Pingu - ROADRUNNER'S MEMORIAL RUN

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