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RUN NO. 2326 TUNGKU BEACH - 19 MAR 2013

RUN NO. 2326
DATE: 19 MAR 2013

Word from Possum went around that the Army was on site when they laid the run in the morning. Also the tent people erected the tent in the wrong spot, but the Army was nice enough to help moving it and this all happened before the run even started. Lucky for us they left the area before we arrived.

As I arrived late from work, I received this report of the run from my co-hare Bini Hutan:
We started the run going through the wooded area near the beach, nice trails with white flowers growing on the side of the trail until we nearly reached the Empire Hotel. Then it went along the beach, climbing the stony wave breakers where we had to be careful not to slip. Along the way we even found a dead turtle. On the way back we saw a family at the beach trying their luck with fishing.

All in all it was a nice and flat run.

We enjoyed a really great sunset on the beach. Due to the school holidays it was only a small group of hens around.

The shout-up started with the usual down-down for the hares, Possum and Never Wrong.

We had one 1st time guest, Veronika from the Czech Republic, who is here until November and hopefully will join us again next week.

Great News, Pee Wee got married last week. Congratulations to you!!!

As this was the Easter Run, the hares gave out Raffle Tickets and the lucky winner gotten themselves some Easter goodies; chocolate Easter eggs were distributed to all the hens, too.
Hash wit gave away her best Easter jokes.

We had quite a few nominees for the Hashit, one of them being me. After much contemplation it was agreed for Rachel to keep it for another week.

Then it was Makan time!!! Delicious Chili Con Carne a la Possum was served with Baguette bread. Yummyyy! Thanks so much, Possum and Never Wrong!

On On
Peahen and Bini Hutan

Tungku Beach

Beautiful sunset

"Survivor" and Glamour looking good.

Squeak & Mum from NZ

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens, Spg 542-48 Jalan Muara, Kg Salambigar
                      HARES: Peahen/Bini Hutan

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