Sunday, November 21, 2010

RUN NO. 2205 - MATA-MATA 23 NOV 2010

RUN NO. 2205
DATE: 23 NOV 2010
HARES: STPRI GIRLS (Pee Wee/Squeek/Shantal plus Psycho)
SITE: Mata-Mata

Mata-Mata is a beautiful site with magnificent pitcher plants along the trail. As the sun was shedding golden light 41 hens and 5 chicks set off to the sound of Vanessa on front horn. It was a familiar trail with ups and downs and creeks and only two checks so all emerged before dark with Ryvita first out and GI Jane on back horn.

The hen house decreased as numerous hashers flew from the coop because of other commitments, being that time of year when things wind up and wind down simultaneously, like a hash run, but those who remained enjoyed a good shout-up ably conducted by our new JM Dizzy assisted by Psycho. Shantal was down downed as a virgin hare and Jessica Woodward was welcomed back as a returning hasher. Dizzy put on the jester’s hat and told us a joke about M&Ms only melting in a girl’s mouth not in her hand!

The hash- it passed on to Sarong for the ignominious offence of her mobile phone sounding during the shout up. Legally Blonde did a good trade with her gnt bar and the hares provided a delectable “make your own burger” supper. Another run notched up and a pleasant evening was had by all. We look forward to a great year with the new committee bringing their own style to the hen house.

NEXT RUN: SUBOK 67 -- dont forget a torch as its that time of the year when the sun disappears very quickly down the horizon, and more so under the jungle canopy.

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