Monday, March 23, 2009

RUN NO. 2117

RUN NO. 2117
DATE: 17 MARCH 2009

AAhhhh now where do i start!? Mmmm let’s just say that this is the hash run that i really don’t like.. so suffice to say.. I went to the hash.. with a sinking feeling in my heart! But.. hey.. let’s think positive!

We started off heading down the dirt road...past the barrier.. a nice stroll me thinks.. ahh No paper?? So a few ran on.. a few doubled back.. and a few (i.e me) stood and admired the slightly dead snake that was on the path! On On was called from ahead.. so off we clucked... turning left as if to go towards the jungle where the 1st check was found! (by someone!)

The on on paper was no where to be found.. but alas I could hear Alison calling so headed toward her dulcet tones.. on up! And in good old Tina style.. on down, slipping over, in true Torville-and-Dean-style (5.7 on the score board!) I did notice a few people (Ruthless Pursuit) taking the slightly shortened route.. but hey...!

At the bottom we were greeted by a bit of a pile up.. as Boel had fallen into/over the drain as she was looking for the paper.. and I wasn’t looking so I piled onto her, as she laid on the floor...Ok, do I laugh or cry????
We dusted ourselves down, had a bit of a smile about it and carried on! (Oh how we laughed on the way to casualty!!!) Now, this was where it got interesting!

Walking along the roadway.. I noticed the paper went behind a tree.. but as I mentioned to Yann - what’s the point in that? And the paper went in front of the tree as well as behind (being a good hasher I used the theory of the shortest route! Just like Ruthless Pursuit!) Ah now, this was a huge mistake!

Before I knew what I was doing.. I was jumping in the air, doing a particularly girly scream.. shouting "get em off me, get em off me!!". As there were no fantastically handsome men around to be seen this could only mean one thing: BUGS!
I have no what these things were but they hurt and they were digging their hooters into my thighs and face! Trailblazer did her best to rid these little creatures from my legs.. although I do think the ladies I was walking with thought I´d just show them a few of my dance floor moves! (Shaaamon!)

The rest of the run for me (AND also Hip hop Eastern Promise, who also got bitten!) consisted of Mrs Pingu running around trying to find the trail as we couldn’t locate the paper; and MadMarg coming round to me and Eastern Promise, liberally applying bite cream to our 'important little places!' there there there!!!

What can I say, but the phone call to Tango to get us out of the jungle was what I’d been waiting for! I’m not a celebrity but get me outta here!!! No outlandish demands, no white lilies in me dressing room, or plates of red m&ms.. just get me OUT!!!

DST now has new meaning:
Dodgy Stingy Things
Dancing Stung Tina!
Double Stressful Times etc

At the shout-up we welcomed one first-time guest, Signe from Denmark, but otherwise not many announcements this week. Thanks to the Hares for an interesting run! Sadly I have decided that next time.. I go with my gut feeling - and stay in bed!!!
ON ON Tina I.


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