Monday, February 16, 2009

RUN NO. 2112

RUN NO. 2112
DATE: 10 FEB 2009
HARES: Anna/Melissa/Boel

Hey it's Tuesday again already and guess what!! IT'S NOT RAINING!!!! so here's cheers for a dry run (so to speak).

Naj and I arrived early to get a good parking spot on Jalan Maura near Simpang 414 so we parked really close to the H3 signs (a reminder for us to pick them up and put them in the car boot so we don't get the HASHIT!!!).. Some savvy Hashers drove up and found parking spots halfway up, less distance to walk up and down!!.

All the hens gathered together at the ready, keen to go. At 5-15pm, Carol sounded the horn and dashed off with several hens chasing after her.

We started along the fence line and then down a little track and along the road and climbed over a small barrier - came to the first small hill and up we went. Trouble was there was lots of mud so we clambered along a long log except I decided to take a shortcut through the mud - very squishy and I thought I was in quicksand as I couldn't get my feet out!! Got hauled out by a passing laughing hasher and scrambled up the hill - lots of thorns to the right and to the left and on the ground and overhead!!!

We ran across a road being built, the truck was still spraying the road and away we went back into the jungle.

When we climbed up again, there was a lovely view to admire and then onwards we headed back - no idea who found the first and second and third checks as the front runners were miles ahead of Ah Struth and me. Heard Naj tooting the horn a few times and we finally staggered out back to Melissa's house.

What a great run, not too much water to wade through, small hills, beautiful views of Brunei to admire and we were all out safely before dark.

The JM's looked after proceedings, few housekeeping rules mentioned, announcements made and Speedo read a joke.

Congratulations to Anna on her 50 runs and 1 new guest from Yorkshire was introduced.
Welcome back to Ah Struth(back from OZ after 4 months) and Dizzy (back from the UK) also.

The hashit changed hands finally - new holders were found: Norma and Linda (for getting someone to sign them in and out last week as they didn't want to get out of their car in the pouring rain), Boel (for leaving the green tray of WORDS behind!!),and Magi as her guest Eva forgot to sign out. Norma did try to plead her case but took it in good spirit - she and Magi stripped to their bras and everyone was duly cooled off!!!

The hares put on delicious vegetarian and meat lasagnes with crispy green salads and lots of garlic bread. Such lovely comfort food. Thanks hares for a great run and delicious supper.

NEXT RUN: (Valentine's - do wear red) RIMBA
HARES: Naj/Ah Struth/Speedo

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