Monday, September 17, 2007

RUN NO. 2038

Date: 11th Sept 2007
Site: Mata Mata
Front Horn: Sarong
Back Horn: Jenny
First Time Guests: Three

There was a bit of confusion as to where the Hash site was, as a few of us went around the roundabout at Mata Mata a few times looking for a second sign, as the small sign was upside down but it was soon sorted. Thanks to Naj for putting the big H3 sign to the end of the road.
It was a nice cool evening, which is a bonus when we have a very adventurous Hash ahead of us. The pack set off in good spirits, I went 100 metre along the trail then turned back as I had forgotten to sign IN, a hashitable offence!! I eventually caught up to the back of the pack and then it wasn't long before I could hear “Checking from here!” It took some time before the first check was called by Sue, a back check. We continued winding our way through the jungle for a while until we got to the first waterfall which slowed everyone up; with a nice rope to support us go down the hill. Once at the bottom we got back on to a nice running trail before getting our feet wet a few times crossing back and forth through the streams.

Second check was called, not sure who found it, but a few of us kept going in the wrong direction as we checked. We then got back on to a nice trail for a while before third check was called. Ready Mix had seen a trail across the stream and it paid off as she found the check. We then worked our way steadily up the side of the hill with once again the support of rope to pull us up, but there were still a few more hills in store of us. It felt like we were climbing Mt Kinabalu, it was one of those hills that kept going up, up, up, up! Eventually we made it to the top for which we were rewarded with a lovely view looking back on the canopy of the jungle.

We had one more check and by this time darkness was slowly setting in, Jan found fourth check and then wasn't long before we were out. It was a very enjoyable run so Thank You Sid and Hubby for showing us the two waterfalls that Ah Struth and I have wanting to find for ages. Thanks for the great Kebabs!
PS: missed on last weeks words: Naj must be thanked for the time and effort she put into the book markers presented to the cast and crew.

Run No. 2039 - 18 September
Site: Tanjung Bunut Kanan - opposite Hua Hall new Bunut mall, Jln Tutong
Hares: Mad Marg/Legally Blond

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