Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RUN 2020

Run: 2020
Date: 8 May 2007
Site: Rimba
Hares: Ah Struth/Karen P

The start was prompt as usual, which is not always convenient for someone like me although on this occasion I was signed in and almost ready to go.
An open trail led to a splendid bit of jungle with a bit of an up and a down, but I was so busy looking at my feet that I missed the paper leading in and then came across the front runners coming out to open ground once more.
On on for a while to first check near the half built houses. Never have the girls been quite so sure as to where the paper would resume. We were all expecting, and indeed looking forward, to a glimpse of the toy boys up on the 2nd floor somewhere, offering us a swig from the holy grail.
We divided into search parties running down each row of houses. Once Smurf had reached the far row and was nearing the end, the sound of on on back was heard, coming from afar. Good timing I thought, and a check that had everyone foiled. A sneaky snickett led us back into the deep and dark, around the back of Rimba housing and up and down some lovely trails, often run in the opposite direction.

A couple more checks on the way, until tired and weary, out was reached next to the in. Except the hares took us back in at the other side of the normal in to another out.

Like all good hashes, the best was yet to come, and that was the sight of a sprightly Smurf springing from the swamp, smug smile firmly spread from satisfied side to side of her sweet little face. This sight was all the more amusing as the rest of us had already had plenty of time to down a few glasses of grape juice. The silver service waiters were a couple of rather delectable Toy boys, elegantly attired in skimpy black bathers, the tightness of which was modestly hidden by a becoming apron— Shame!

A good shout up followed by tasty calories and beverage. Thank you.
Certain beverage has a habit of letting the mind explore its full potential, and this was ultimately realized in the naming of the Ladies Hash second honorary member. Thus evolved “Slippery Tipple”. Welcome, and thank you for making our evening so enjoyable.

Scribe: Dizzy from Amanda W’s email! (a ploy which eluded Trailblazer as she was looking high and low for the run report after deadline…)

Site: Salambigar Link

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