Monday, April 30, 2007

RUN 2018

Run: 2018
Date: 24th April 2007
Site: Sg Hanching Baru, Jln Muara
Hares: Magic Roundabout and Apprentice
Front horn: Carol Back horn: Angela

A beautiful evening saw the hens off into the trees. An interesting valley stretch with some muddy ups and downs. A bit of bum wriggling on a few slopes managed to slow down some ladies. The trail of hens certainly stretched out somewhat. Then up to higher ground and some nice trails, all sloping down just to make us feel that we were fitter than we really are. Rustling in the bushes with the monkeys fighting definitely got some of us running a little bit quicker too. A lovely walk/run had by all finished off with a gorgeous sunset, or was I the only one that noticed?

The checks were well set, always giving plenty of options to go and check. Lee must have been chuffed as she found all three checks – welcome back Lee!

A small number familiar with the area took a short-cut home. Shame on them!

Back at the ranch, a busy shout up in which Irene was named “Miss Sarong” and was presented with a very stylish, obviously haute-coûture changing tent, (Viva) España celebrated her birthday and …. Linda was awarded the hashit for not signing in. Then we all tucked in to sausages and salad. ¡Qué rico!

Next week: Diplo

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