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RUN NO. 2001 26 DEC 2006

RUN NO. 2001

DATE: 26 December 2006

SITE: SPG 370, Jln Muara

HARES: Bini Hutan/Bettina

FRONT HORN: Magicroundabout

BACK HORN: Trailblazer

RUNNERS: 19 + 2 visitors

I didn’t really want to be at the Boxing Day Hash. After a huge curry lunch followed by a few puds (and Christmas Cake!) and more than one glass of bubbly, I was in no condition to Hash! However, my fellow hare, Alison, had SMS’d from the Philippines with implicit instructions,

1. Go to the hash

2. Pick up the signs

3. Write the words

So I turned up with a humungous hangover.

As the horn sounded we left Sigi’s garden and headed off into the jungle at 370. After the initial horrible hill we were on to familiar paths. I had a lovely chat with the rest of the walkie talkies and took no notice of checks or other such conventions. Elaine found all three checks, well done!

My headache started to get better, although it was replaced with indigestion! Take my advice and NEVER eat Christmas cake before a hash!

We did an almost complete circuit of the 370/Sungai Hanching path before cutting down through the jungle, over a sandy area, up another hill which was accessed over a log which had giant ants patrolling it! Thanks to Sonia at this point who bravely brushed the ants off the log with a leaf! I hate ants! I think I am allergic to their nasty stings!

Then it was up, up, up. Thanks again to Sonia, who should really be called Hawkeye and not Gordon, as she spotted all the paper for me!

Shortly after that we were out.

A grand hash, well done Sigi (aka Bini Hutan) and Bettina.

At the shout up Sigi and Bettina were thanked for laying the hash and providing such a splendid setting for the on-on. We then welcomed first time guests, Gaba, from Germany and Aunty Lyn’s mum Jane.

Photos were then taken of all the hashers by Honorary Ladies Hasher, Jurgen.

Now, this was already a lovely celebration but it turned into a fantastic night with the arrival of the scrumptious food. Sigi and Bettina had prepared for us - roast turkey with potato dumplings and gravy, spiced red cabbage and stuffing. Yum! This was followed by a fruity pudding with vanilla custard or crème anglais if you want to be posh!

Just when you thought the night could not get any better, Santa Claus and a very sexy Elf (don’t know which was which!!) distributed Christmas presents. You could even request the size you desired and whether batteries were necessary!

After much hilarity, Santa found one more gift at the bottom of the sack and decided to give it to Jurgen. Bettina, who was sitting beside me nearly had a fit as she knew what the gift was! Jurgen removed the paper and found a red g-string, which he bravely modelled!

What a man!

Then the singing began, perhaps not as we know it! Heather knows alternate words to Christmas songs and even a few in Latin! It was very entertaining. (By the way Serunai Singers are always looking for new recruits. See me later!)

I left about 9 so I don’t know how the evening finished. I just know I had a lovely time and want to thank Sigi, Bettina and Jurgen for a night to remember.

HARES: Alison/Cheryl

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